Maple Creek Farm: CSA Share Week 1

It’s here at last!  Today we picked up our first share from our CSA!  CHECK OUT ALL THE SWEET-ASS FOOD WE GOT:
CSA Week 1

It’s exactly what we were promised.  Crazy onion things.  Snap Peas. Garlic SCRAPES, which are actually called garlic scapes but I read them as SCRAPES in the email today, so they will forever be scrapes to me, and our first serving of many weeks of lettuce.  We already ate some salads.  I made a taco salad with leftover taco fixins (morning star veggie crumbles, cheese, tomatoes, taco shell, lettuce):
First CSA consuption

It was good.  Tomorrow I’m going to try my hand at some kind of stir fry with tofu, some of the asian greens, snap peas & such.

Lessons learned from the CSA so far:

  1. Vegetables straight out the ground be DIRTY – you really need to wash all of that shit thoroughly.  I did a first pass with a fruit & vegetable wash I got from Trader Joes & a second pass in a cold water bath.  Dumping the first batch of water was nasty.  Make sure you wash all of your CSA noms before they go in your trap.
  2. Clean up your photo area before you take a picture.  There’s smears on the table n shit.  Almost as nasty as the pounds of dirt on the vegetables we got today.  My excuse is that we have been so excited for the CSA that we stopped cleaning for months. TO NEW BEGINNINGS!
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6 Responses to Maple Creek Farm: CSA Share Week 1

  1. Barb says:

    That looks great! Got my first ever share today too and am excited to see what other people are making with theirs!

  2. Anna says:

    So exciting!!!!!! I wanted to get a CSA this year, but Phil got nervous about it because I decided to tell him about it, like, minutes before the deadline and it felt weird dropping so much cash on a split-second decision. So I promised him we’d research and investigate and plan and save for next year — and I will be a dedicated blog reader until then! 🙂

  3. pandamans says:

    Am I gross if I just use water? I mean, it’s organic, right?

  4. iasmindecordoba says:

    Welcome to Maple Creek!

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