Garlic Scape & Prosciutto Pizza

Garlic Scape & Prosciutto Pizza

At some point here, I’ll get better at taking fancy food pictures.  But I didn’t have time to fuck around.  The picture needed to be taken, and this pizza needed to be consumed.

This pizza was inspired by one that I saw when I was googling garlic scapes.  She knows how to take a good picture. 

I was so excited to make this.  We are huge garlic fans.  Very pro garlic.  We usually roast two bulbs of garlic and put them on our pizzas, so I was really eager to see how these scapes turned out.  Also, garlic scapes smell amazing.  I want to make a necklace out of them and wear it all the time.  It would be like a candy necklace, but for adults who love garlic.

We started with our favorite pizza dough recipe.  We have yet to play around with making our own pizza sauce yet, but hopefully we will do so this summer.  For this we just used a jar of sauce.  I tossed the scapes with some olive oil and kosher salt and placed them on a grill pan.  I grilled them until they got charred grill lines.  THEN I BIT ONE.  And OMG – it was like if asparagus & garlic boned and had squiggly little babies.  SO GOOD.

We sliced up some prosciutto and threw that & some cheese (mozzarella balls & shredded motz) on the pizza & baked at 500 degrees for about 10 minutes. 

The Verdict:
It was awesome, duh.  One of our top pizzas.  Cooking the prosciutto helped tone down the salty flavor just enough, and the pieces that were sticking out beyond the cheese got all crispy and delicious.  The scapes are much more mild than roasted garlic, but the combination of the scapes & the meat was just right.  My lovely husband also loved this.  We could probably eat this every day forever.

Lessons Learned from the CSA:

4. I fucking love garlic SCRAPES.

Well, we’ve done pretty good with our first share – we only have a little lettuce and some of the onions left.  We are going out of town tonight, so we’ll have to hurry and use up the remnants of the share on Sunday/Monday before we get our second box on Tuesday.

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2 Responses to Garlic Scape & Prosciutto Pizza

  1. pandamans says:

    I hate you for how good this looks.

  2. Rebecca says:

    Hey, I made a tremendously good pesto from my scrapes – er scapes. (I stumbled on a patch growing wild on the edge of a community garden plot – noo really!!! Growing in a bramble along side enough raspberries to make three pies.) Just scapes, olive oil, parm, basil, pine nuts and almonds (didn’t have enough pine nuts). Ran it through the food processor. Yum! Just another idea…

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