CSA Week 2 (or This is How I Blog)

Oh hai.  So – it’s been a moderately busy week for me.  So moderately busy, that I haven’t had a chance to blog and/or cook much.  But look what we got in our CSA share this week!

CSA Week 2

Noms! That’s some strawberries, more garlic SCRAPES, red leaf lettuce & red russian kale!

Before we get into this week – let me show you how we finished up our week 1 share:

Week 1 final dinner

AAAAWWWWW YEAH. You like that don’t you? That’s a pork chop marinated in soy sauce, ground mustard, olive oil, cayenne pepper & salt.  That’s some grilled corms.  That’s some wilted asian greens with sriracha.  That’s some GRILLED GUACAMOLE.  Yes, almost everything on this plate hit the grill before it hit my trap.


Now, you’re probably thinking – why on earth would you grill avocado?  Because this recipe told me to, dummy.

Grilled Guacamole recipe from the kitchn

It was good – I didn’t really get the “smoky” taste I was promised, but it had a fuller taste compared to regular non-grilled guacamole.  We also used the rest of our mini onions in the guac and they were awesome.  We are not onion fans but these were extremely mild.

So we felt successful not having wasted anything from our first week.  We’re doing aiight with our second week even though we haven’t cooked much.  We ate the strawberries straight up.  The red leaf lettuce is great and we’ve been eating many a salad.  And we just used half of the kale to bake some kale chips:

Kale Chips

These were super easy to make.  Just cut the stem from the kale, toss with some olive oil and spices of your choosing (we used kosher salt, paprika, garlic powder & a little pepper) and bake at 350 for 10-15 minutes.  It reminds me of my favorite brussels sprout recipe.

Today I went to Eastern Market in Detroit and picked up some more garlic SCRAPES so I can make a yummy sounding garlic scape pesto.  That’s scheduled for tomorrow, so STAY TUNED.

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4 Responses to CSA Week 2 (or This is How I Blog)

  1. Nichole says:

    OMG! Karl LOVES kalez. I’m lukewarm on ’em. I’m totally going to try the chips!!!

  2. Anne says:

    We made pesto with our CSA scrapes tonight! It was delish but so strong that we only needed a tiny bit. Super good, but don’t plan any make out sessions afterward.

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