CSA Week 4 All The Way Oh My God

Maple Creek Farm CSA Week 4 2010

Guys, we got our CSA Week 4 this week.  This is what was in the goods, left to rightish:

Young Onions – Ailsa Craigs for those of you who really know a lot about onions and/or are pretentious and like to refer to onions by people names.
Kohlrabi – This thing looks totally crazy! Like a double rainbow oh my god.
Summer Squash

So last week, I neglected to take pictures of our CSA and the meal we made with it.  The meal we made with it was a TOTAL BUST.  I am still in pain from this experience, but let me try to sum it up briefly so we can get to more important matters.

We tried to make skirt steak following Alton Brown’s recipe.  I even watched part 1 & part 2 of the show to make sure we’d do it right.  Despite all of our precautions, it was an EPIC FAIL.  If you’re going to attempt Alton Brown’s skirt steak fajitas, please note the following:

1) Use the proper charcoal – He doesn’t specify this in the show, but make sure you use NATURAL LUMP CHARCOAL.  If you don’t, your steak will be covered in ash & taste like dirt, even if you use his blow dryer method.

2) Use a proper cut of skirt steak – He talks about the difference between inner & outer skirt steak.  i can’t remember exactly, and the memory is still too painful for me to go back and double check the video (note: this blog is really informative & helpful), but I think the inner skirt steak is better than the outer.  If that is true, we probably had the outer.  Because this was tough as nails and tasted like dirty ass.

3) Slice the steak properly – Alton goes through a whole spiel on his show about how to properly cut the steak.  We didn’t do that right either.  Like I said, epic fail all around.

So that was a bummer, but we stir-fried the bok choy with a little cumin separately and that was delicious, so it wasn’t a total loss.  Just mostly.

Anyway, that is in the past – and now we have more food to eat!  I thought we were bad and wasted our lettuce from last week, but I bought a lettuce storage unit thing that has kept the lettuce crisp, so I will eat some salads this week & shred the kohlrabi madness over the top.  We’ll probably make some kind of gumbo with the garlic, onions & tomatoes.  And the plan is to do something moderately fancy with the kale, kohlrabi leaves & summer squash.

If I’m not too distracted by a double rainbow, I’ll be sure to post pictures and tell y’all all about it.

If you liked that, I recommend this & this as well.

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2 Responses to CSA Week 4 All The Way Oh My God

  1. Jacko says:

    I want what the rainbow guy is having.

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