Maple Creek Farm CSA Week 5

Maple Creek Farm CSA Week 5 2010

Week 5 is here.  Hooray!  At first I was like, naw – I’m not going to take a picture of the lettuce.  But then I was like FINE.  I’ll take a picture of the lettuce:

Lettuce in the Lettuce Keeper

The green beans, roma tomatoes, onions & zucchini are pictured in the basket of our salad spinner.  Believe the hype, a salad spinner is a must for any CSAee.

The lettuce is pictured in our lettuce keeper thing. This was an impulse buy, but I’m so glad I got it.  Yeah, it’s big – and we’re lucky enough to have a fridge that allows us to keep such a thing.  A little water rests in the bottom lid and that helps keep the lettuce crisp & fresh much longer than a produce bag shoved in your vegetable drawer.

So we made some food with this food – you wanna see?

Lots Of Noms

On the left we have an amazing summer salad made with zucchini, green beans & onions from the CSA.  When we picked up this week’s share, we still had onions from last week.  “BARF onions – I hate onions – what am I going to do with all of these dumb onions?” I thought to myself while crying tears that I blamed on the onions.  This salad suggested that I carmelize them for maximum noms – and jesus – this salad was right.

The mini onions were perfect for french cutting – and my sweet, dear lord – is it possible that I’ve never had a carmelized onion before?? Because these were AWESOME.  Every onion I get from the CSA henceforth shall be carmelized.  They really made the salad quite delicious, which is GREAT because there is a literal VAT of it leftover.  I look forward to devouring all of it.

The salmon was noms too.  No CSA relation, but it was wild salmon, glazed in garlic jelly.

Yes, garlic jelly.

This was procured at Detroit’s Eastern Market and is made by Vickie’s Jelly Jar.  Sounds strange, but it is AWESOME.  It’s slightly sweet & slightly garlicky & MEGA-AWESOME.  Great marinade.  A little of that & some salt & pepper – thrown on the grill, then thrown in my belly.

So, next week – Mr. Gunt & myself will be heading south to Tennessee for a week – any food/drink recommendations are appreciated.  Friends will guest blogging in my absence.  I plan on coming back and sharing wild tales of eating BBQ, eating tacos, drinking beer, drinking whiskey, eating hot chicken and trying to lose the 15-20 pounds I’ll likely gain while gone.

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