Maple Creek Farm CSA Week 7

Maple Creek Farm CSA - Week 7

And we’re back!  And HOLY CRAP…IT BEGINS!  So far we’ve been able to easily manage the amount of food we’ve received from our CSA.  We knew we were going to get to a point where we would start freaking out (with our mouths full) and wondering whether or not we’d be able to use up everything we got in a single week.  I think we can manage, but this officially begins the testing of our resourcefulness, culinary skills and the capacity of our bellies.

This week, we will be eating:

Young Onions
Green Peppers
Summer Squash (Romanesco Zucchini)
Yellow Wax Beans
Sweet Corms
Yukon Gold Potatoes

Oh you don’t see the potatoes? It’s because I forgot to take a picture of them with their friends.  Whoops.

Potatoes - CSA Week 7

I’ve got something cooking RIGHT NOW using some of the potatoes & zucchini.  Tomorrow we’ll be making elotes with the corn.  We’re going up north for the weekend so I’m sure a lot of other things will be hitting the grill.

I’ll also be posting a guest post from our CSA partner in crime, Kevin.  He took our share of the CSA last week while we were on vacation.

I must go, my lovely potato, squash & goat cheese gratin is almost ready.  I need to help it find its way to my trap.

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1 Response to Maple Creek Farm CSA Week 7

  1. amanda says:

    yummy! wish i was closer to you so i could ‘drop in’ at dinner. every. night.

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