Elotes + Zucchini & Yukon Potato Gratin = Yum

Another week is coming to an end – and again, I’d say that we’ve been PRI-TAY PRI-TAY good at eating food this week.  Sorry for the lack of play-by-play.  Honestly, most of the veggies were used last weekend up north and we simply tossed them with olive oil and spices and roasted them.  Turns out that is AWESOME & also a great way to use up a crap ton of veggies.

We did make two things of note:

Zucchini & Potato Gratin

I’ve been waiting to make this ever since the recipe popped up on my google reader.  We got yukon gold potatoes & zucchini this week, which is close enough to summer squash & red potatoes for me, so I made it!  Lesson Learned: I need a Mandoline Slicer!  Slicing up all the veggies by hand was not fun.  But it was worth it.

Pork Chops & Gratin

We ate the gratin with a side of PORK CHOPS from Western Market.  The gratin was super good, obvs.  Even though it had a bunch of cheese (parm on top, goat cheese sprinkled inside) the veggies still retained their awesome, natural flavor.  This one’s a keeper.



ZOMG – just looking at that picture makes me salivate.  This corn is like if God had corn hands and let you eat them.  Let me tell you one thing that will make you say “Gross, I don’t want that.”  Part of the spread you see, the stuff holding the delicious cojita cheese on the corn, is MAYONNAISE.  BARF, rite?  WRONG.  Regardless of the fact that some of that junk on there is Helmann’s (or Best Foods depending on which part of the US of A you reside), I’m telling you – YOU WANT THIS CORM.

We first tried this at Cafe Habana in NYC.  Our friends were like “GET THE CORN” with this fiery half-crazed look in their eyes.  After one bite, we knew why.  But when I went looking for the recipe, I couldn’t believe mayo was an “authentic” part of this recipe.  After much internet scouring, I found what claimed to be Cafe Habana’s recipe (or at least one inspired by them).  It used mayo! That doesn’t mean that it’s authentic, however I did a lot of googling in between watching this and I only found one recipe that called for an alternative to the mayo.  So mayo it was and BY GOD’S CORN HANDS it was incredible.

There was a lot of food this week.  I’m already getting nervous for the weeks to come.  I see many dinner invites going out in the coming weeks and I look forward to the challenge of putting as much food into my face hole as possible.

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4 Responses to Elotes + Zucchini & Yukon Potato Gratin = Yum

  1. amberto says:

    oops – honorable mention. I had some malaysian beef leftovers frozen in my fridge. We added the rest of our green peppers, onions & wax beans and I dare say it was better than the first time around. The malaysian beef froze wonderfully.

  2. Hey there! Thanks for finding my recipe for Elote. Our waitress at Cafe Habana swore it was mayo as the “glue” for the corn, even though we said, “You have got to be kidding!” But you don’t use all that much…it’s not like it is mayo corn or anything! Anyway, I love your phrase…God’s Corn Hands. That’s beautiful! Now that we’re talking about it, I want some, RIGHT NOW!

  3. Pandamans says:

    When I lived in Mexico I feasted on elotes often. Street corn.

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