I suck

I present to you…the Maple Creek Farm Week 10 CSA share:


I also present to you a confession (one that most of you who know me are already aware of): I am an ass.  I did a very, very bad job of blogging last week.  I’m sure you all were DYING WITH ANTICIPATION over what we got and what we made.  Let me tell you – we got some stuff, and we made some stuff.  I had a mild disaster – burnt some caramelized onions & failed at some corn fritters that I was super excited to make.  But I persevered.  Burnt onions are aiight – I’ve been sprinkling them on sandwiches and stuff.  And I added the mega-FAIL corn fritters into a delicious brunch hash.  All was well.  I wish you could have e-been there to e-see my e-pictures, but I was real-lazy.

Hopefully, I’ll do better this week.  We got:

Yellow Doll Watermelon
Hot Peppers (not pictured)
Red Sweet Onions
Summer Squash

OMG FRUIT! We are gonna straight up eat that.  I got plans for the other stuff.  You’ll see (maybe!)

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