A Doom Was Almost Met – & We Made Some Food

We did great things with food and eating this week.  First we made this yummy Stuffed Squash & Red Bell Pepper recipe recommended by my friend Juliana.  I took some pictures but they weren’t that good.  Just imagine the giant squash we got last week with some ground turkey inside.  The “funny” part is that my “friend” Lisa (who’s husband is a published author of a Young Adult book for boys that you really should read and buy) gave me this hot pepper the other day.  She told us it was hot.  She gave us some beans that she cooked and then tried to cool down with a 1/2 cup of honey and some lime juice.  We ate the beans.  They were hot, but also sweet which made them strange.  Either way, we thought we could handle the heat.  So, this squash & red bell pepper recipe called for some marinara sauce.  I thought I’d make some using some diced tomatoes, basil from the CSA, garlic, onion & one of these peppers (seeds removed).  Oh yeah, and some awesome bacon that our friends (who run a great wine blog) picked up for us.

P.S. Friends giving us food and/or anything is generally awesome.  Friends reading this who did not give us anything this week – what the fuck? Step up and do your duty as a friend by giving us something soon.

Like I said, one pepper – no seeds.  I was cutting up what I thought was a zucchini when I realized it was a cucumber (oops).  I took a bite of a slice of cucumber, it was cut with the same knife and on the same spot as the pepper.

HOLY SHIT BALLS. JUST BITING SOMETHING WHERE THE PEPPER HAD BEEN WAS ENOUGH TO MAKE ME WANT TO DIE.  Then my husband bit the cucumber.  Soon we were both sneezing and coughing and burning.  This was no ordinary pepper.  This was a bhut jolokia.  AKA the GHOST CHILI. AKA THE HOTTEST PEPPER IN THE WORLD.

Did I mention that I had already put the pepper in the sauce?  Yeah – I already put the pepper in the sauce.  So we didn’t use the sauce for that meal. My lips literally burned for an hour.  My fingers burned all through the next day.  If you use this pepper, know its power.  Do not tempt or sass the pepper.

Good news: we saved the sauce as I was convinced that it would be ok once we fully recuperated from the initial burn.  I was right.  Tonight we ate it over the leftover stuffed squash.  It was HOT, no doubt about that.  But it was manageable.  The heat was like Thai food ordered hot or extra hot, depending on the place you get Thai food from.

But enough about the pepper made from Satan’s tears – we made some other food this week.  Grilled Pizza:


and Summer Squash Quiche:

Summer Squash Quiche

And we just straight up ate the yummy yellow watermelon – which was pretty awesome, even if it had a bunch of seeds:

Yellow Watermelon!

We did pretty good this week.  The only thing I’m having trouble with is the green beans.  I have the beans from the past two weeks.  I’ve been meaning to blanch & freeze or can them, but I just can’t seem to find time.  I think the ones from 2 weeks ago are probably bad.  I will have a funeral for them and bury them in the backyard with the one remaining demonic pepper unless anyone wants it.

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6 Responses to A Doom Was Almost Met – & We Made Some Food

  1. Nic says:

    Did you get the Grecian Green Beans recipe from Kevin (ie his moms Kathy)? Super good. I’ve made them twice this summer already.

  2. pandamans says:

    Another option is slow cooked green beans with bacon – there’s a bunch of variations out there – but basically you start with olive oil and garlic, until the garlic is sizzlin – then you just dump in your green beans, onions, chopped bacon and add either water or some sorta stock — let it simmer for an hour until all or most of the juice is absorbed – and then dine. Easy peasy.

  3. Tammy McLeod says:

    Damn I’ve done that burning thing before too but not with ghost pepper. Glad you’ve recovered. Love the look of your pizza. That’s our friday night tradition.

  4. pandamans says:

    also – have you ever tried Dave’s Insanity Sauce? I have some my brother gave me – who laughs to this day at how ignorant I was when I first tried it… http://bit.ly/5DRCdG

  5. pandamans says:

    sure is quiet round here

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