Blogging the CSA

Oh hai.  My name is Amber and I am a fool.  I am also a first-time member of a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) this year and today I pick up my first share.  If I don’t get too lazy, I’ll blog about my experiences with this here.  Things I will talk about include: what I got in my box, what I cooked with the things I pulled out of my box and other topics that will allow you to easily create dirty jokes.  Everyone wins.

My CSA is Maple Creek Farms.  They seem quite nice.  Today they promised I would get:
Mini purplette bunching onion (WHUT?)
Garlic scapes (HUH?)
Asian greens
Butterhead lettuce
Romaine lettuce
Snap peas

This sounds fun!  I like to cook and I’m excited to try new things.  I hope to post pictures of the share as well as recipes and foods I’ve cooked.  Again, I am a lazy fool – so lets hope this blog lasts longer than my last one.  Maybe I’ll even getting around to prettying this blog up once I’ve emptied my box…

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